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Our Drip Irrigation System

December 20th, 2009 | Posted in News

Are you looking for the most efficient way to water your garden and maximize your growing season at the same time?

Drip irrigation is becoming one of the most popular ways to keep your landscape and gardens healthy and at the same time allowing you to save up to 70% on your water consumption

Even for those of you who live in a drought affected climates, drip irrigation may be the watering solution you have been looking for.

LawnBelt provides a great solution for those who need a low maintenance drip irrigation that will outlast any conventional system on the market today.

Installation is very straightforward and can be done in just an afternoon. A four port manifold simply attaches to a riser that connects to the LawnBelt U fitting.

The manifold has a pressure regulator and water flow can be controlled off of each port. In addition there are a few different watering devices you can attach to the manifold.

  • Drip tubing – this normally comes in a 1/4-inch size hose. Great for watering potted plants in deck areas.
  • Inline emitters – can be used for watering a row of plants. One or two emitters can be located near the stem of each plant.
  • Misters – low volume sprayers which can water up to 5 ft in diameter. These usually are assembled with 8-12″ steaks to elevate the spray from the ground.

Assembling and connecting these components together is very self-explatatory once you have become familiar with the system.

In addition spare parts are easy to find at any local home hardware store. To simplify the process even more, we offer a DIY kit which is available in our store.

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