New in ground Watering System that installs in just a few hours!

Introducing A Unique Way To Water Your Yard

Watering systems and kits are affordable and maintenance free

Are your garden hoses tangled all over your lawn? Get rid all the garden hoses strung all over your lawn and install a underground watering system in just one afternoon! Water your lawn and garden evenly and more efficiently using our DIY hidden hose and sprinker kits. Nows the time to get rid of those ugly garden hoses laying all over the lawn or in your flower beds.

You will be absolutely amazed at how quick and hassle free LawnBelt is once you start to install it. It’s excellent side to side flexibility will allow you to simply “go around” common garden obstacles such as trees and sidewalks.

Best of all because Lawn Belt is so pliable there’s no need for special pvc fittings and elbow connections.

Configure it for drip system or sprinkler heads

The good news is you can configure LawnBelt how you want it. We have many different watering devices avialable for the system. You can use it as a drip irrigation system, micro irrigation with low volume sprays or even with regular popups and rotor heads.

In addition LawnBelt works with most gardening add-ons such as timers, in-line fertilizer systems and much more. LawnBelt accepts most 1/2″ sprinkler heads or other 1/2″ watering attachments.

Self draining lawn watering system – maintenance free!

Both PVC Pipe and Poly Pipe irrigation systems require sprinkler winterization. With Lawn Belt there’s no need to blow water out of your sprinkler line with a compressor before winter sets in. Lawn belt saves you money – no maintenance required ever.

“Put your Garden hoses away! … Lawn Belt allowed us to eliminate all the hose clutter on our lawn and hide our ugly garden hoses. Your Lawn Sprinkler Kits made lawn watering easy. We installed it just as you said… just a few simple steps is all it took.”

You’ll never need to winterize or drain it because Lawn Belt’s “U” fittings have a built-in drain so water automatically leaves the watering system every time the water is turned off.

What makes Lawn Belt different from Pvc or PolyPipe?

Actually Lawn Belt is probably more closely related to a garden hose but much more durable. Because it is so unique it has been granted a U.S. patent.

The big difference is that both PolyPipe and PVC require deep trenching and winterization … Lawn Belt does not. Your Lawn Belt Watering System will sit just a few inches below your grass where a PVC Pipe System must be installed below the frost line.

Lawn Belt is made from strong yet flexible polyethylene plastic and resin and is designed to expand and contract during the freeze and thaw cycles. All hose connections easily fit together with collar halves and clamps, no glue is required anywhere!

Lawn Belt watering system unique diamond shape with Top Shield (for protection – see below) allows it to flex and turn in your garden as you install it.

Compare LawnBelt PVC
Guarantee on conduit 5 year None!
Installation Depth 2″-3″ 18″ MIN
Elbow fittings At spigot only(incl in kit) At every turn
Winterization None! Blow out entire system
Landscape after install None! Re-seed grass/ Re-plant garden
Install time 1-3 hours 2-3 weeks or more

If your familiar with Pvc Pipe or Poly Pipe (polyethylene pipe) system you know how much hard work is involved to carefully plan and install an watering system. But LawnBelt’s “garden hose like” flexibility and expandability makes installation easy because it adjusts to your lawn and garden contours as you install it.

Lawn Belt Irrigation Systems Guarantee

If LawnBelt conduit breaks or cracks within 5 years – We will replace it free – no charge! All other parts such as clamps and fittings are guaranteed for 60 days. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied!

Repairing leaks and breaks in the Watering System

The Lawn Belt hose itself although not unbreakable is remarkably durable against sharp objects. Unlike PVC conduit which will become extremely brittle over time LawnBelt is designed to outlast conventional irrigation systems.

LawnBelt’s Top Shield

Located on the top of LawnBelt is a thick flat strip of plastic that is designed to protect your system against shovels and other weeding tools. If you ever hit the hose with a sharp object it will probably survive just fine. Even if the top shield gets damaged the system will function fine as it is separate from the water channel.

But when the system does get damaged, a coupler kit (available in store) will easily repair a breakage within a few minutes. Also because the hose is near surface level, locating a leak is much easier than that of deep PVC pipes.

Sample layouts using different watering systems