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The Irrigation System Kits

Each LawnBelt Irrigation System includes 3 sprinkler heads – each sprinkler head will spray up to 15 – 18 feet in diameter (depending on your water pressure). Additional sprinkler zones can be added to the same spigot using a Y-fitting or 4-way adapter; or by connecting into a Hidden Hose Irrigation System (see below).

Kits for every garden application
Typical Garden layout using Lawn Irrigation Kit

The Garden Border Irrigation System

The Lawn Belt Garden Border Irrigation Kit will spray up to a 70 foot strip in your garden. This Irrigation Kit provides 3 sprinkler heads using angled sprays. The Garden Border Kit waters flowers areas and vegetable beds or it can be used to create a garden oasis as shown in the example below.

Garden Border can also provide a great way to separate lawn and planting beds. The diamond shape of LawnBelt acts as a barrier to prevent lawn roots crossing over into garden strips.

Kits for every garden application
Garden design examples using Garden Border Kit

The Hidden Hose Irrigation System

The Lawn Belt Hidden Hose kit will extend your existing house spigot with 50 feet of belt. Using the Lawn Belt coupler kit (avail in our store) you can add hundreds of feet to put water wherever you need it.

Note:The hidden hose system can also be used as a way of providing alternate water sources for both the Lawn Sprinkler and Garden Border kits which could simplify your overall lawn irrigation layout depending on where your current spigot location.

Kits for every garden application
Garden design examples using the Hidden Hose Kit

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