Installing Lawn Belt Sprinkler Systems


Steps on how to install our Irrigation Systems

All you’ll need is a flat spade, utility knife and 5/16″ box wrench or screwdriver to install the system kits. Our Irrigation Systems are completely expandable and require no plumbing, soldering or adhesives – making it an easy afternoon project for anyone. Installing irrigation systems for the DIY‘er has never been more simple.

1. First connect the lawn sprinkler heads to the Lawn Belt cut at the intervals you determine (figure 15 -18 feet in diameter sprays for each sprinkler head – check your psi at the hose bib) Collar halves clamp together with only a 5/16″ box wrench or screwdriver.

_irrigation systems_ that require no glues or cement and fit together easily
U fitting & Lawn Sprinkler popup head

2. Using a flat spade simply cut a path 3 to 4 inches deep and spread the ground open by rocking spade back and forth a few times.

no trench required with our DIY Irrigation Systems - just pry the ground open as shown
Making a small slit for the Lawn Belt sprinkler

3. Starting at the spigot, place your conduit (the Lawn Belt) and lawn sprinkler heads into the ground. Close the ground over Lawn Belt by pressing firmly with your foot.

placing the sprinkler conduit in the lawn
Laying the Lawn sprinklers into the slit

4. Connect a short garden hose (available in our store) to your house spigot and enjoy years of worry free watering. You may want to add a timer or other standard attachments to your lawn sprinklers – all will work seamlessly with Lawn Belt.

Note: Multiple irrigation systems or kits can be connected to one spigot using our 4 way distributor (see store).

connecting lawn belt to the hose bib
Simply connect the system to your spigot

Note: All of our irrigation systems can also be attached to an existing pvc system using our converter kit available in the store.

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