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General Questions about Lawn Belt

How many sprinkle heads can be installed on your “customize kit”?

Up to 3 heads if your pressure and Gpm are good. 2 heads are recommended for best coverage and will work with the standard 50 feet of hose included in the Custom Kit. If you choose to use 3 heads then you will need another 25 feet of Lawn Belt.

Is 100 ft too far to use your system?

With good pressure and Gpm you should be just fine. (see our design page for more on this) – the kits come with all you’ll need – even Teflon. But you may need to get a short hose if you don’t have one. A coiled hose attached from your spigot to Lawn Belt will affect pressure and performance.

What about freezing? In our area most things are 18″ deep for adequate protection in the winter.

Lawn Belt is guaranteed for 5 years against breakages caused by wither cold or hot temperatures. Its a self draining system that is designed for extreme temperatures. LawnBelt is also much different that PVC or PolyPipe in that it can expand and contract during freeze and thaw cycles.

How do I water each zone automatically?

Most all battery operated sprinkler timers will work fine.

These are the type that attach to your hose bib. We also carry ones in our store that are small enough so you could have one right next to the other if using a 4 way distributor.

They timers sell for around $30 and are fully programmable, require a 9v that will last all summer long.

Explain sprinkler coverage comparison between LawnBelt and a traditional PVC system?

Lawn Belt has slightly less pressure than that of a traditional system. This is because most PVC systems use either 3/4″ or 1″ size diameter pipe size throughout. LawnBelts conduit measures 5/8″ in diameter.

The standard kits available (Lawn Sprinkler and Garden Border) are preconfigured and tested to work with coverages as described. These standard kits also use a low volume/ pressure head to achieve maximum coverage. It is recommended that each zone be designed for 3 heads (the number of heads in our kit).

Both the Orbit and the Rainbirds have had great success with our Custom Kits configurations. We highly recommend using the Rotors if you are trying to water large areas. For lower pressures we suggest using 2 Rotors with 25 feet of LawnBelt between them. If your Psi is above 60 and Gpms at 8 or higher you could add a third head.

Can I add my own heads? What size?

Yes please look at our Custom Kit. This kit comes with everything except the heads.

The U fitings will take any 1/2″ npt head. The distance between the U fitting is 1 -3/4″ wide (where your head screws down between) Just dbl check these dimensions so your head will fit into U fitting ok.