Getting your garden ready for the warmer season

Spring has arrived to do list

Spring is in the air and nows the time to give your garden the boost it deserves. Take advantage of the cooler weather and get your yard ready for the warmer season. While working remember, your garden is still waking up and will respond better to a more gentler approach. Avoid working with wet soil; walking on wet ground compacts the soil and suffocates the roots beneath.

  1. Lawn Belt hookup – Test your sprinkler timers and hook LawnBelt to the spigot. Turn suystem on to test spray patterns in the warm part of the day. Check to make sure spray patterns changed and system functions properly.
  2. Lawn tool checkup – service the lawn mower and get the blade sharpened to avoid the spring rush. Nows a good time to get that oil changed too. Have a look at our new lawn mower sharpener tool in our store,
  3. Inspect your hosepipesCheck gardening equipment for any rust and wear. By checking and repairing tools early in the season you’ll be ready when the really good weather arrives.
  4. Lawn cleanup and inspection – give your lawn a raking and remove any sticks and large debris. Your lawn mower, and your pocket book will thank you later for this. Identify and note any bare spots that will need attention in the weeks to come. Also look for for holes, moles, and voles in your lawn.
  5. Weed prevention- By thinking about weed prevention early you’ll save yourself time and heartache later in the year. Begin by adding add new mulch on top of old, decaying mulch. Pull up any sprouted weeds and remove any debris from last season.
  6. Turn your compost pile – If compost is wet add some dry leaf and soil waste too. Sprinkle a layer of limestone onto the surface and turn it again to sweeten

Hold on the Fertilizing – Lawns that did not receive fall fertilizer applications or have suffered from winter injury may benefit from spring nitrogen applications. But its best to wait until soil temperatures have warmed to at least 55 F before applying.