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Easy To Install – Trouble Free Irrigation System

How do I install a irrigation system without all the headaches that come with a PVC irrigation system?

By using our DIY Irrigation Kits homeowners and gardeners will discover that all our sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems can be installed *easily and save you a ton a money too+.

Advantages to an irrigation system

  • Set my own automatic watering schedule
  • Get a greener more healthy garden
  • Cut down on my water bills and usage
  • Stop dragging the hose and sprinkler around the yard
  • Remove ugly above-ground hoses and feeder lines
  • Conserve water by watering with micro irrigation and timers
  • Locate a sprinkler system that is maintenance free
  • Find a system to water the lawn and fertilize at the same time
  • Search for an easy to understand irrigation system that installs quickly

So if you’re tired of hand watering your garden areas and dragging those garden hoses all over place nows the time to consider a drip irrigation system or sprinkler system.

If you already have an established garden and don’t want to tear up your garden while installing an irrigation system then our DIY watering kits are for you.

A typical in ground irrigation system requires heavy machinery to dig deep trenches so that your conduit be installed below the frost line. Our system eliminates this whole step while saving you time and thousands of dollars.

Introducing a unique Inground Watering System

Now you can install a home irrigation system with just a turn of a knob with a new hidden watering system called Lawn Belt!

The Lawn Belt the In-ground Irrigation System installs in just a few hours! Lawn Belt is a flexible maintenance free drip irrigation system you can leave in the ground all year round. Unlike Polypipe/ PVC Systems it will expand and contract during the freeze and thaw cycles. No more sprinkler headaches!

“We considered an in-ground irrigation system, but they seemed real costly and too big of a project. Then I learned about this fascinating little product called LawnBelt Irrigation.”

Erik Alan from Bend, Oregon
see article on automatic plant watering

Whats so special about our irrigation system?

The big advantage is that you can install the whole system in just an afternoon as compared to a week or more if installing PVC / Polypipe conduit.

Also the irrigation system installs just a few inches down by using a flat spade. By cutting into the lawn and then rocking it back and forth a few times you create a slit or path for the conduit.

After laying your conduit in the slit your sod is then pressed back into place. Its that easy!

It takes only a week for the small seam to disappear. No waiting for your lawn or garden to grow back again.

How does Lawn Belt survive the freeze?

Our irrigation system is made out of hard poly-resins and will not break. We are so confident in Lawn Belts durability that we guaranteed it against breakage for 5 years!

The system required no winter maintenance. In cold climates you don’t need to blow it out as each sprinkler head self drains the irrigation line every time the water is shut off.

Click for more about the Lawn Belt Irrigation system! (I’ll come back to this page later)

“I am happy to inform you of our total satisfaction with your product Lawn Belt! Your ad in a gardening supply catalog we received was a God send.
We previously installed an automatic irrigation system. The cost was exorbitant. My husband installed your Lawn Belt in a couple short hours! It functions perfectly! This home irrigation system is going to be a perfect solution for so many, many people…Easy to install, trouble free and inexpensive!”

D. Johnson from Othello, Washington

Setting up LawnBelt is extremely easy. You’ll be able to install your own home irrigation system in just a few hours with little damage to your garden. No trenching required as it installs just a few inches below the ground.

LawnBelt is the PERFECT Quick Easy Do-it-yourself Lawn Irrigation project

Lawn Belt makes a perfect do it yourself sprinkler irrigation project for anyone. It easily connects to your house spigot in minutes. A short garden hose (available in our store) attaches from the spigot to the Lawn Belt.

Irrigation System Features

  • Install the Irrigation System just inches below grade
  • System accommodates drip emitters, micro sprays & sprinkler heads
  • No special hookup required -system connects at hose bib
  • No trenching or heavy machinery required
  • Stays permanent in the ground all year round
  • Invisible Irrigation System – no more hose clutter
  • Compatible with existing PVC and micro irrigation systems
  • Accepts all 1/2″ NPT size sprinkler heads
  • Freeze resistant during the winter months
  • Self draining, maintenance free Irrigation System
  • Add automatic water timers and fertilizer bottles easily
  • Make sweeping turns so you can easily avoid obstacles
  • Only requires just a few tools to install.

LawnBelt Irrigation System and Hidden Hose System

Unlike PVC and Poly Pipe Systems, Lawn Belt is quick to install. Because of its flexibility you will be able to make tight turns and eliminate the need for any elbow fittings.

It’s easy to expand your sprinkler / drip irrigation system design – attaches into your existing PVC system too! (our converter kit allows LawnBelt to connect to any 1/2″ PVC pipe).

Expanding and adding additional sprinkler zones in your garden is easy. By using a 4-way distributor kit (available in our store) you can add additional zones whenever you need them. Lawn Belt will simplify any home irrigation installation saving you both time and money.

“I think LawnBelt is the greatest! I installed three irrigation kits without any problem! The simple clear instructions made assembly a joy. What a savings over the cost of professionally installed underground irrigation systems. LawnBelt is easy, quick and it works! The yard stays neat and tidy. I spend a lot more time enjoying my garden now.”

K. Salsman from Grant, Nebraska

Lawn Belt is a quality in-ground irrigation system that will remain invisible and permanent for many years. It’s designed to bring you many years of trouble free lawn and garden