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Drip Irrigation System, Garden Border Watering and other kits offer

There are 5 kits to choose from – all are easily expandable and interchangeable. All of our garden kits are ready-to-install and include the lawn belt hose and all the connection hardware you’ll need. A perfect do it yourself lawn irrigation or garden project for anyone! No special skills required.

drip system at side view

side view of Lawn Belt drip irrigation system

Attach a fertilizer dispenser to the sprinker/ drip irrigation system and feed your lawn in minutes (make sure a backflow water valve is installed available at your hardware store).

The Drip System Kit

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LawnBelt allows you to transparently locate each watering manifold and eliminates messy piping and hoses in your garden. Water your tree, plants, shrubs and more! A total of 12 watering ports are available (4 per manifold).

The Lawn Sprinkler Kit

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Have the greenest lawn on the block! The easiest and fastest way to water your lawn. This Lawn irrigation kit comes with pop-up sprinklers. 3 lawn sprinklers heads included – each spraying between 15- 18 feet in diameter of your lawn/garden (depending on your water pressure).

The Garden Border Kit

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Water your vegetable garden, flower bed, trees or shrubs easily. Since this system has 45 degree sprayers you can easily customize it to irregular garden contours and like always Lawn Belt will bend and turn to the shape of you planting area. Installing an irrigation system is just too easy with LawnBelt!

The Hidden Hose Kit

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Create a spigot to your vegetable garden, dog pen, work area. Easily add another sprinkler zone and attach other Lawn Belt kits to it. This kit makes it easy to relocate your garden hose connection and eliminates having to extend your hose every time you need to water garden areas that are out of reach.

Customize your kit

Customize your Sprinkler System using Hunter Irrigation, Rainbird Irrigation, Orbit Irrigation or Toro Irrigation Systems …. since LawnBelt accepts all 1/2″ size sprinkler heads you can even design your own custom system if you’d like!

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